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The rotate API works very differently. It takes where the previous one is left and rotate from there. For example you have to create lines…


Worked on lines and circle, NOt albe to understand PI in circle js


Learned about ARCs arc(x,y, widhth, height, start, stop, mode) MODE can CHORD, PIE and default x, y are the position that is center of arc…


Creating Pentagaon I am planning to create a pentagon using p5 JS. In order to create a five sided polygon. We need to generate the points…


Worked on increasing circle width with different colors. I have learned the p5 js works differntly and once you draw some thing it would be…


Day 2 I have worked on building house shape in p5 js. Didn’t faced much issue. Observations rect API takes first two parameters as…


Circle API Circle accepts three parmeter , the first two parameters are x coordinate and y coordiante and the last one is diameter. circle…


Animatimg the rain I was not able to get it correctly working. But I was able to manage somehow. Increaseing the variables in class has…


text The text helps to print the text in p5 js. The parameters are the text, x and y cordinates. textAlign The textAlign takes LEFT , RIGHT…


Learned about random random API for two parameters give a value in between those. If only one parameter is passed then the API considers…


I have learned about rotate in the p5 js today. The rotate takes two parameters. The first one is degress to rotate and the second is axis…


December 07, 2019

Sinon for Architecure Firday


November 05, 2019

TAB index 0 ,-1 and 1

CSS learnings

September 04, 2019

Transform Style, Perspective & background-size