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Drag And Drop A11y

October 09, 2019

Though I am working on the drag and drop for long I have never looked into acheiving Drag and Drop using keyboard to support a11y. This link by Gez Lemon helped me to understand a11y in general. The summary of the article is the the ARIA attributes basics. The custom components(widgets) are developed using JavaScript. These are not accesible by default as they are not native Desktop compoenents. We can make these widgets accesible by providing aria attributes. This attributes helps the assitive technologies to understand the widgets. This link also by Gez Lemon helped me to understand a11y in drag and drop. Drag and Drop ally has two aria attributes.


This attibute is set to true, false or undefined

  1. If this attribute is set to true then the drag and drop has started.
  2. If this attribute is set to false then the item can be dragged
  3. If this attribute is set to undefined then the item cannot be dragged


This is a list of items that are set on the drop targets. The values are copy, move, reference,execute, popup and none. These is set on the object that the item has to be dropped.

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